We are pleased to invite you to the private screening of Diplo’s new music video, which will be launched on Wednesday 25 January. Diplo, known as one of the most cutting edge DJ’s with chart-topping releases ranging from cubia to dubstep to punk and beyond, recently launched his new single ‘Go’. Go is a massive house anthem, a remix full of eclectic synth with the weirdest swing. This club killer is made in collaboration with Dutch DJ Oliver Twizt.

The artwork and music video for ‘Go’ is made by the young experimental Amsterdam based design duo Pinar&Viola. Their collaged designs are filled with colossal visual gestures, hyper intricate details and excessive embellishments. Their ecstatic work seems to be the true visual translation of Diplo & Oliver Twizt’s rambling remix. The music video reflects the speed of the Go remix. Together with the video producer, Jose Biscaya, they crafted a virtual parkour with ecstatic browsers and buttons, viral internet-icons and digital dust windstorms.

During the event, DJ BUSHDOOF will use his rickshaw to stroll within the small streets of Laos, filled with charismatic songs and fumes of grilled pork. Also, VJ RAMPUSH will seduce everyone while transposing, fusing and altering pixelated greyhounds.

The street gala will take place in We Are Void, this Wednesday, January 25th from 6pm till 10pm.

Address: Ferdinand bolstraat 145 1/2 1072 LH Amsterdam.

For those who will miss the street gala, the video will be spread online the day after through &